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Jamaica Sports Development Organization
welcome to JSDO
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Keeping a calm head under pressure, enduring, timeless training will build discipline that will make you a force to reckon with. 


Been able to work as a single unit is important. having that trust in your team mates allows you to focus on one shared goal. TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK.

At times you will feel like you have the pride of an entire country on your shoulder. But when you hear that crowd roaring in the stands then you realize you are not alone but have an entire country behind you.
about JSDO

The Jamaica Sports Development Organization is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity whose mission is the development of sports in Jamaica with the goal of providing professional and scholastic opportunities for Jamaican athletes. It was formed to channel the expressed desire of multiple groups in the Jamaican Diaspora to maximize the immense sporting talent in the island and thereby improve the country’s standing worldwide in the major international sporting competitions in which we participate. From the outset, the approach has been to engage in activities that fill gaps in or supplement the programs developed by the various national sporting bodies but as an independent financial source.

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Our Coaches and Trainers are devoted in helping our athletes reaching the highest level of their potential. Safety is always our first priority. 

We have trained personnel in first aid at every meet. We encourage discipline in all aspect of our development.